Sifu Markus Kahila
Monday, 11 October 2010 13:46


Sifu Markus Kahila is a certified instructor in Shaolin Wahnam Institute. He is the head instructor of Shaolin Wahnam in the Nordic countries.


  • sifu markus_kahila

    "I was introduced to traditional Chinese culture when beginning my kungfu training in the year 1999. Since then I've had the privilege of learning from many different Masters, as well as deepening my knowledge of Chinese culture through my studies in the East-Asian department of Helsinki University.

    I first met Sifu Wong Kiew Kit in 2002, when participating in his Intensive Chi Kung Course held in Malaysia. Until then, my understanding of concepts such as chi, or energy, and internal force, had been limited mainly to intellectual speculation. During the course this was replaced by first-hand experience, which changed the nature of my practicing completely. Since then, the long and rewarding road of practicing the Shaolin arts keep enriching my life in ways that provide a constant source of health, inspiration, well-being and happiness."

    — Sifu Markus Kahila, Shaolin Wahnam Finland


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