What is Chi Kung?
Thursday, 23 September 2010 09:08

chi-kung-practicing-2Chi kung (qigong) is a traditional Chinese method for health, vitality, and personal development. Its benefits are real and effective - however, for good benefits the art must be genuine and of a reasonably high level.

For many, the term "chi kung" means gentle physical exercise. Actually, in modern China it is not uncommon to see practitioners in parks and squares performing coordinated chi kung-movements in groups.

However, traditional, genuine chi kung is very different to slow, relaxed gymnastics, although for the uninitiated it may appear similar. Translated from Chinese, "chi kung" literally means "energy work": A true chi kung practitioner is consciously and purposefully cultivating biological energy ("chi" or qi) for health, vitality, self-cultivation and various other benefits.

Nowadays, the majority of chi kung has sadly been reduced to dance or external movements, and genuine internal training is very hard to find.


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