What does Chi Kung offer?
Thursday, 23 September 2010 09:10

There are many wonderful benefits derived from practicing chi kung, which may be generalized into the following five categories:

  1. Curing illness and promoting health
  2. Enhancing vitality and developing internal force
  3. Promoting youthfulness and longevity
  4. Expanding the mind and the intellect
  5. Spiritual cultivation

chi-kung-practicing-6Even though the benefits of practice are defined by aims and objectives, all genuine chi kung promotes good health. According to Chinese medical philosophy, a healthy person is not only free from illness, but is also energetic, peaceful, happy, and enjoys life!

The benefits also depend on the type of chi kung practiced. There are literally hundreds of traditional styles and schools of chi kung, many of which are focused on specific aims such as enhancing health or longevity. The chi kung styles of the highest level are holistic as well as effective - practicing a single exercise at a high-level may bring benefits in all of the above five categories simultaneously.

The traditional style of chi kung taught in Shaolin Wahnam Institute is called Shaolin Chi Kung, or Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung. Originally practiced in the Shaolin temples of Dynastic China, it is an internal art of the highest level. This claim is not based on personal opinion, but on multitudes of real-life examples of its benefits which are potent, holistic and possible to achieve relatively fast.

Practicing chi kung can cure as well as prevent all kinds of illness. This fact has been proven by countless practitioners from antiquity to modern days, who have successfully used chi kung to treat maladies considered incurable even today, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or even cancer. Many illnesses common in our modern society - for instance stress, bone-, joint and muscle disorder as well as emotional problems - can be very effectively remedied with genuine, high-level chi kung.


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