How to practice Chi Kung?
Thursday, 23 September 2010 09:14

chi-kung-practicing-group-9In principle, anyone can practice Shaolin Chi Kung. Athleticism is absolutely not required - a person can start practicing regardless of age or physicality. The only basic requirements are having an open mind and the sincere willingness to practice daily for good results.

In itself, chi kung has nothing to do with religion or beliefs; its practice is directed towards practical benefits. Shaolin Chi Kung can be practiced irrespective of religious orientation (or the lack of one). Although knowledge of Chinese medicine may be helpful in understanding the theory of chi kung, in practice it is not in any way necessary: Chi Kung is an experiental art, not an academic one.

It is possible to practice chi kung from a good book. However, for the best methods and the best results chi kung must be learned directly from a master or a competent instructor.


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