Practicing Chi Kung


Practice Times
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 09:48

Shaolin Chi Kung is practiced in one or two 15 minute sessions every day. It is essential that the practice is daily, although missing a session once in awhile is not serious - as long as the training is consistent.

In many chi kung styles or schools training may include restrictions with, for example, diet, daily rhythm or sex life. These kind of restrictions are absent in Shaolin Chi Kung; Its training is meant to enrich our lives, not to restrict it.

Some may find it unbelievable that holistic, powerful and permanent benefits can be achieved through this relatively small investment of time. However, all genuine Shaolin arts are characterized by directness and effectiveness: Why put in hours of daily work, if you can reach the same result through a fifth or a tenth of the effort?

This cost-effectiveness results from our arts' unbroken development for more than a millenia. Our training is time-tested, practical, and above all, effective.


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Physical Movements
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 09:52

chi-kung-practicing-group-6Shaolin Chi Kung movements are simple and easy, and do not require athleticism. In principle, anyone can start practicing chi kung.

If a student for some reason cannot perform certain movements, the teacher may adapt them to better fit the stituation. Most of our basic level exercises are performed standing up.

Generally speaking all Shaolin Chi Kung movements are performed in a low-speed, gentle and graceful manner. However, the internal dimensions of our training - specifically the training of mind and energy - are much more important than the physical movements.

At all stages we emphasize that practicing should be comfortable and enjoyable. This is an excellent way to good results.


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Benefits and Progress
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 09:53

Some of the expected results of correct, regular practice are:

  • Increased relaxation
  • Freedom from stress
  • Significant improvements in the overall state of health
  • Noticeable increases in both physical and mental performance
  • Significantly enhanced energy level
  • Generally being happier and enjoying life more.

chi-kung-practicing-5Noticeable benefits normally manifest after 1-2 weeks or months of continuous practice, although many of our students feel enormous improvements even after the first day of training! The longer you have trained, the more benefits you accumulate.

In the case of specific, ongoing health problems it should be highlighted that the permanent benefits of Shaolin Chi Kung training begin to accumulate after ca. six months of continuous practice. The time required for overcoming a health problem depends on each case, although the substantial decrease of symptoms is a part of normal progress. However, our training is not about decreasing symptoms and managing illness, but removing health problems entirely!

Shaolin Chi Kung offers very good chances for each and every practitioner to overcome any health problem. Fulfilling this aim depends first and foremost on the student - our method is simple and very effective, and its practicality has been proven time and again in the results of our students.




If after practicing any art for some time you feel you haven't gotten good results, you should always check:

  1. Whether or not you have practiced correctly
  2. If you have practiced sufficently and regularly
  3. That the art you practice is genuine, and that practicing it is suitable for you


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