Practicing Shaolin Kungfu

Required Time and Effort
Sunday, 24 October 2010 16:56

shaolin-kungfu-sifu-8Shaolin Kungfu training requires sigificant time to be invested in daily practice. Generally speaking, a minimum amount for effective training is one hour per day; however, as the student progresses, practice times typically increase.

Since serious time needs to be put in, it is only reasonable to expect ample benefits. The methods for kungfu training in Shaolin Wahnam Institute have been perfected for effective results and holistic benefits. We pride ourselves for our cost-effectiveness - training should help students reach objectives in the shortest, most convenient time frame.

Daily practice can be done in one or many sessions throughout the day. Almost any time is good for practice, but the best times are early in the morning after waking up, and late in the evening before going to bed.


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Physical Demands
Sunday, 24 October 2010 17:17

shaolin-kungfu-sparring-3Being reasonably healthy is a basic requirement for starting Shaolin Kungfu training. If a person suffers from hindering mental or physical health problems, like painful joints or depression, he should first regain his health before considering Shaolin Kungfu. For this purpose, Shaolin Chi Kung is an excellent choice.

As a martial art Shaolin Kungfu is equally suitable for all body types. Gender is not an issue - actually, many legendary Shaolin masters renowned for their combat efficency, like Ng Mui and Yim Wing Choon, were women.

Fitness, flexibility, or previous experience in martial arts are not required for starting the training. In our school, every student starts from scratch, and matures step by step physically, mentally and spiritually into a Shaolin practitioner.


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Benefits and Progress
Sunday, 24 October 2010 17:43

shaolin-kungfu-sifu-10Shaolin Kungfu is a complete program for personal development. Its benefits greatly improve health, vitality, concentration, relaxation, calmness, work ability, and contribute to happiness and well-being. Furthermore, the skills systematically acquired and trained are extremely useful in our everyday lives with, for instance, planning, decision making, problem solving, managing resources, managing relationships, and avoiding as well as resolving conflicts.

Simply put, correct Shaolin Kungfu practice makes us better in everything we do.

The first year of training is dedicated to learning the basics, after which the student should feel significant improvements in health and vitality, have the ability to set objectives and reach them, and being able to use Shaolin Kungfu for self-defence.

In further training the skills are gradually and systematically deepened, and the student is taught to apply them effectively in both combat situations as well as daily life.


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