What does Zen offer?
Thursday, 23 September 2010 09:53

chi-kung-sifu-5Practicing Zen enables us to perform better in everything we do. This fact is easy to appreciate by knowing that all Zen is intimately involved in the training of the mind. Ultimately Zen is universal: Whenever a person stops to savor a moment, or is concentrated on what he's doing without distracting thoughts, in a way he is practicing Zen.

The overall aim of Zen is spiritual cultivation. However, it is good to remember that spirituality is not only for religious people - for example, living a happy and fulfilling life can be a very spiritual aim. At its lowest level, Zen brings purpose and joy to our everyday lives. At its highest level, Zen aims for the supreme spiritual goal, enlightenment. As in all Shaolin arts, the onus of Zen is in practical, readily attainable benefits; therefore, adopting beliefs is not necessary when embarking on the wonderful journey of Zen practice.


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