How to practice Zen?
Thursday, 23 September 2010 09:55

zen-1Contrary to a popular belief, practicing Zen does not necessitate seclusion or monkhood. Many regular people practice it as a rewarding part of their everyday lives. Another common misconception is that meditation or Zen is a solemn, serious or joyless pursuit. In reality, traditional Zen includes a healthy dose of good humor, and meditation (when practiced correctly) is a very joyful, even pleasurable form of training!

Zen can be practiced as a light addition to our daily routine, as an all-encompassing approach to our entire existence, or at any stage in between. However, the presence of a good teacher is invaluable: Even though beneficial low-level meditation can be learned from a good book, systematic Zen-practice is an internal art of the highest level that has to be learned directly from a master.


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