Zen in Shaolin Wahnam
Friday, 01 October 2010 18:00

chi-kung-practicing-4Zen teaching in Shaolin Wahnam is different from kungfu and chi kung. We do not maintain a separate Zen syllabus, or for the time being teach Zen beginners courses like in the other Shaolin arts.

This does not mean that we neglect Zen training, or that Zen is not taught in our school. Because Zen is one of the "Three Treasures of Shaolin", it is our duty and privilege to practice it, and to teach it to deserving students like it has been taught in genuine Shaolin tradition.

For this purpose, we use Shaolin Chi Kung and Shaolin Kungfu. Both offer beginners as well as advanced practitioners ideal vehicles for Zen training. Starting from the first class, our teaching includes practical methods for practicing Zen, which familiarizes the student with Zen in all its three meanings - especially as meditation and a method for spiritual cultivation. Our teaching is spiritual but non-religious, but a religiously oriented person can effectively apply these methods also for Zen-buddhist (or other religious) cultivation.

If this approach seems unorthodox, we can remind ourselves that this is the way Zen was practiced in the Shaolin monasteries over a thousand years ago: Shaolin Zen, Chi Kung and Kungfu were - and can still be - included in the same training, varying only in approaches.


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